Because of the importance of technique, we start the younger children in ballet, introducing jazz and tap at age 6. We endeavour to always place the students into age and experience appropriate classes.

At the senior levels, all our courses are excellent training for students wishing to pursue post-secondary Theatre Arts programmes in Acting, Musical Theatre or Dance.


From pre-ballet (3yrs old) to Advanced

Pre-ballet for 3 & 4 yr olds is a fun way to introduce ballet to the children.

It teaches them the enjoyment of dance through movement and music, while developing co-ordination, body awareness, musicality, expressiveness and poise.

The Pre-primary class for 5 yr olds builds on the elements taught in Pre-ballet, but now involves the beginning of ballet technique.

From age 6, all ballet students take RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet exams.

The Academy's syllabi have been devised with great care to enable the children to progress through their dance training in planned stages, demanding no more of a young body than it can cope with.


Junior (5yrs old) to Advanced

Jazz at The Dance Centre is also very technical. It is based on the original Luigi method, contemporized to reflect today's music and dance styles.

We have Junior, Intermediate and Advanced levels and a Senior jazz for less experienced teenagers.


Junior (5yrs old) to Advanced

The Tap syllabus is a freestyle tap based on the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) technique and various other influences.

We have Junior, Intermediate and Advanced tap and a Senior class for less experienced teenagers