The Dance Centre - COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

The health and safety of our dancers, our teachers and our visitors is very important to us. We will follow strict guidelines setforth by Public Health Ontario. As guidelines change, we willadapt our policies and procedures.

Measures that will be taken to minimize the risk of spread are:

Class Structure/Capacity:

- Class numbers will be limited to ensure adequate physical distancing at all times
- Attendance will be taken at each class.
- Space markers will be placed in our common areas and studios to ensure 2m physical distancing spacing requirements are adhered to at all times.
- The use of masks is mandatory. For students under the ageof 5, masks are not mandatory but are encouraged.

Before Leaving Home:

- Please check your dancer's temperature prior to coming tothe studio. If they have any signs of fever (38 degrees or higher) please keep them home.
- A parent/guardian must complete the online COVID-19questionnaire for their dancer 18 and under (dancers18+ can complete their own questionnaire) prior tocoming to the studio. This needs to be done at thebeginning of each week of classes.
A link to the questionnaire will be provided to you. It is preferred that the questionnaire is completed online, however paper copies will be made available at the studio.

Drop Off/Pick Up:

- No one with any signs of illness will be permitted inside.
- Only registered students will be allowed to enter the building; our waiting room will remain closed. Exceptions for Preschool and Pre-Ballet will be communicated to parents.
- Class times will be staggered to minimize numbers as dancers enter and exit - dancers are encouraged to arriveno more than 5 minutes before classes and be picked up no more than 5 minutes after their classes end.
- Parents / guardians are advised to wait with students until the designated drop off time, and to meet their child outside the building after class. Children's safe exiting to a parent / guardian will be monitored by staff.
- Limit personal belongings brought into the studio. Items brought to the studio will be left in designated isolated areas.
- Please come dressed ready for class - do not plan to changeat the studio whenever possible
- Washrooms will be for emergency use only. Please remember to use the washroom before leaving home.

Additional Cleaning and Hygiene Procedures:

- Disinfecting of high touch surfaces will occur between eachclass change. This includes: ballet barres, interior door handles, exterior door handles etc.
- Use of teaching aids (mats, props, yoga blocks etc.) will belimited and will be cleaned and isolated after each use.
- Students, teachers and visitors will be advised to wash their hands upon entry using soap and water for at least 20seconds, or use approved hand sanitizer.
- Hand sanitizing stations will be placed at points of entry andother locations throughout the studio.
- Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth and encourage respiratory etiquette.