Our fees are charged on a term basis. We run our year in 3 terms following the school calendar.

Term 1 - September to December

1 week break for Christmas Holidays

Term 2 - January to Mid-March

1 week break for Spring/March Break

Term 3 - Mid-March to June

Finish our year with a year end Demonstration in mid June (date TBD)

At Registration we require payment for the 1st Term only but it is assumed that you are registering for the year. With each consecutive term, payment is collected at the beginning of that term. You will be sent an invoice for the term via email. If you choose not to return we just ask that you let us know before that term begins.

The fee totals for each term vary slightly due to the number of weeks in the calendar year per term.

If you have questions about fees for a specific class please email us at thedancecentrestudios@gmail.com